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Can Instant Degree Rescue You From Discrimination?

The latest statistics say that online universities are able to bring in 17% more of the entire student population in the US alone in just a span of one year (2007-2008). That’s 4.6 million heads in total, which is much compared to the increase in the number of students enrolling in campuses. As of 2009, the Sloan Consortium reported that there is one in every four students taking up an online course. Each student enrolls in distance learning schools because they could not afford to attend classes and want to save. Online courses have their cons, of course, but people still avail them out of sheer desire to obtain a degree. It seems that it is all there is for those who have not yet heard of instant degree.

While many people consider online courses a convenient option, some find an instant degree a fresh and more practical alternative. Instant degree lets you secure a diploma based on your experiences. For example, a blogger for 10 years can have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism so he or she can apply for a job in newspapers and magazines.

Employment security, career advancement, and a chance to have a higher paying job are the core concepts of an instant degree. If you are looking at a possible promotion and need a diploma to show your boss, this is your best bet. Normally, an instant degree is approved as soon as you have provided all the information needed. The diploma is then delivered within five days to one week.

Instant Degree: Is It Worth It?

A university degree is a person’s first line of defense when dealing with the challenges that precede success. Let’s face it, employers favor degree holders more over non-degree holders until today. An impressive credential ensures you a seat in the office. With it, you can overthrow someone with extensive experience but without a college degree even if he has longer tenure to back him up.

Likewise, an instant degree is your anchor to better career choices and advancement. People who hold a bachelor title have more potential. Education is your pride but it matters to them where you earned it. Would employers buy the ‘experience is the best teacher’ and ‘life is an endless learning’ aphorisms? Of course not. Unless you have the papers to show, it is almost impossible to get the job you have always wanted because the next candidate has a diploma tucked in his chest.

Instant degree is a package that appeals to people from all walks of life so there seems to be no reason why you should not take the option. For many, time is of essence. If you don’t feel like going back to school and spend years of studying and thousands of bucks for a degree that you think you deserve after all, grab your own instant degree – associate, bachelor, doctorate, master’s, or PhD. It depends actually on your skill and experience level.

Who Can Have An Instant Degree

You are qualified to obtain one as long as you can prove your extensive experience and expertise in a certain area. If you have been in the portraiture business for say, five years or so and you want to establish your proficiency, you can definitely buy an instant degree online. The question is not the age but the experience. Certain instant degree providers may impose specific standards as well. Just ask for details and see if you are eligible.

An Important Rule To Follow When Buying An Instant Degree

Because an instant degree has strong mass appeal, scammers found another opportunity that could reap them a huge amount of money. Do not fall for just any offer. As a rule of thumb, check whether the company offering the instant degree is legitimate, meaning it complies with the law. Get accreditation details and background information. It is best if the company is also affiliated with certified online or traditional universities.

Additionally, you have to play safe. Legal documentation, accreditation, transcript of records, and apostille also are the most important aspects of an instant degree. Make sure you will have them along with your diploma to confirm the legitimacy of your instant degree. It is perfectly okay if you are in doubt because many people like you are. Your doubt will keep you on the safe lane.

Failing to achieve a degree does not make undergraduate less of a person. In fact, the lack of formal education and diploma becomes their motivation to excel in their current jobs. However, the skills honed by working won’t always suffice. A waiter waiting tables for how many years have surely mastered the art of serving people, setting the tables, cleaning the dishes, and the like. He has all the right to expect a salary raise or to be the next restaurant manager. However, come selection day, this new dude manages to score the position plus get a higher pay rate simply because he is a management graduate. To heck with experience, everybody thinks this new guy from Harvard can make everyone rich when you have been doing it already for many years! It is a frustrating scenario but poor you, acceptance is the last resort. The power of degree and college diploma is almost unmatchable. You lack one piece of paper and opportunities just pass you by. With an instant degree, you can reverse all this and turn fate to your favor this time.

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