How Far Have Distance Learning Universities Gone?

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How Far Have Distance Learning Universities Gone?

The advent of distance learning universities can be traced back to the late 1800s between the agrarian age and industrial age. Back then, students completed their coursework through correspondence but when technologies like began to form introducing the conveniences of radio and television, distance learning found another way to cover a larger crowd.  The early technologies at that time allowed students to have access to college education, which became popular but barely appreciated by the mass because of the limitations.

Fast forward to the 70s, the age of computer saw a revolution in distance learning universities when the computer and the Internet became the top choices in gaining obtaining web-based degree. Many students found online courses more advantageous and convenient and this took distance learning universities to a whole new and higher level.

Despite their popularity, distance learning universities were still frowned upon during their beginnings but the online learning method gradually caught up and became a practicable alternative for graduates and undergraduates all over the globe. Discrimination was not instantly wiped out but thanks to innovation, distance learning universities are now earning positive recognition from the public.

Distance Learning Universities: Have They Gone Far?

Today, many distance learning universities that are dependent on traditional universities were opened while there are also many independent online universities operating on the web. Top universities in the United States like Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have launched their online degree programs to the public as well. State universities like University of Texas, Ohio State University, University of Florida, University of Maryland, and many others refuse to miss out on the opportunity just the same. The online courses can be compared to the usual in-campus coursework but with a slightly different method.

Before, traditional schools treated distance learning universities as competition. They often criticize them as businesses causing decline in education standards but that was before distance learning universities made improvements and produced graduates whose performances are parallel to traditional university graduates.

Some university professors themselves can speak positively of distance learning universities to the extent that they entered into online university teaching. Most of them find teaching in distance learning universities more convenient because of the convenient interaction with the students.

Distance Learning Universities and Employment

Employers, to whom a university degree matters, could no longer disregard diplomas earned through accredited distance learning universities as well. An excellent performance and impressive credentials should be enough to give employees the edge for employment or promotion regardless of whether they are campus or online graduates but this is not the case. The diploma will help establish your skills set. With the convenience that distance learning universities offer, earning your degree will not be a toll. Give yourself some time and enjoy your hard work later.

Do Distance Leaning Universities Hold The Key To Success

Many think that those who chose at-home education are lazy, insincere ‘que sera sera’ types of people, which is a mistake. Distance learning universities make a high standard education accessible to students who cannot commit to fixed schedules of classes because of other priorities. People thinking that distance learning universities is a big joke should check again and see the bigger picture.

Distance learning universities are the best alternative to traditional universities that are not ready to make adjustments more that what they offer right now just to accommodate every single person who needs a college degree, hence a diploma. For ambitious individuals who are not content on being a rank and file employee or waiters and bartenders or a backup, distance learning universities hope to supply you with a profound yet string solution.

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