The 3 Major Reasons Why People Strive To Get Degree Online

Get Degree Online on Social Work

Available Degrees:

  • Associate of Art
  • Associate of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • achelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Social Work
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy
  • Professorship
  • Fellowship

Available Majors:

  • Child and Youth Care
  • Cultural Sector Leadership
  • Community Development
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Health Information Science
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Local Government Management
  • Non Profit Organization Management
  • Public Administration
  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Public Sector Management
  • Social Policy
  • Social Service Management
  • Social Work
  • Study in Policy and Practice

The 3 Major Reasons Why People Strive To Get Degree Online

The saying ‘it is not yet late until it is too late’ holds true for returning students who get degree online and finish college. A research conducted by Sloan Consortium found that there are 3.2 million students enrolled in online universities back in 2006 and 3.9 million in 2007. Recent statistics show that the number has doubled and reached over 6 million students who get degree online. The progress is obviously moving slowly but surely.

As many traditional universities have come to terms with distance learning and as many employers find online university graduates superior as well, the rate is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

Reasons Students Get Degree Online

Many graduates and undergraduates get degree online for three major reasons – convenience, job security or professional development, and self-fulfillment. Undergraduates are so happy to be in a community that is not demanding and allows them to focus on their other more important priorities while still having hope that a couple of years from now, they will be able to be granted that elusive diploma they have been working hard to achieve.

Convenience is one of the major reasons why many students hop in the distance learning bandwagon. It is the nature of online universities to award utmost convenience and flexibility of schedules along with the opportunity to finish college. Students who get degree online are required to log in and attend their virtual class at least 15 hours a week although this is negotiable in some online schools. There is no specific time that a students must show up so they are free to study in schedules they are most comfortable with.

Job placement is also another factor that leads students to get degree online. It is known to everybody that degree holders are more in-demand than high school and college dropouts, talk about being in white-collar jobs. You may think that the mentality of employers will not allow online university graduates to be given a pass to the corporate world but that was five years ago. Present employers and hiring managers can openly tackle the superiority of online graduates, which for some exceed those of graduates in traditional universities.

Graduates get degree online either to have better career opportunities or reward themselves with a higher title. Those who have finished college already in traditional universities may get degree online and earn a master’s or doctorate diploma. Although recent studies show that these titles do not really entitle master’s and PhDs for increase in pay rate, the honor alone would serve as their ticket to further recognition. Usually, bachelor degree holders who seek to polish their status do not mind taking the long route. They will enroll in online universities to achieve master’s degree and then doctorate degree. The number of master’s degree holders taking doctorate degree is staggering but there are people who do this to gain higher honor and not necessarily higher salary.

Further Tips You Could Use To Get Degree Online

Not many people find going back to the campus preferable especially if they no longer have the luxury of time to focus on the academe. Studying is too demanding and expensive. It’s a good thing undergraduates can get degree online and enjoy their diploma when they graduate. Students just have to make sure they are in the right path as finding out their certificates are almost invalid would be very depressing. This only happens if your online university is not accredited or have very little, almost non-existent credentials.

So before you bask in the idea that you get a degree online and a good job after, make sure it:

  • Is accredited (regionally or nationally. Consider national accreditation but settle for regional accreditation)
  • Offers financial assistance to students. When you graduate and did not get a job right away, the thought of huge college expenses will not hurt so much.
  • Allows credit transferability especially if you think you will have to switch school in the future
  • The online university is recognized and has an established reputation in producing top-notch students

The best ways to find out which university is best to get degree online include:

  • Referrals from friends and relatives. Listen to the opinions of those who know more about how to get degree online and online universities
  • Emailing the online university to ask for further information or visiting the school personally if it has a brick-and-mortar counterpart.
  • Checking testimonials on the Internet. This would be very easy if you are always online.

Double-checking your selection is good rule of thumb. Do rely on what other people say alone especially if you they are telling you second-hand information as well. It takes time before you reach a decision as to which online university to enroll in but it is much better than hurrying and ending up in the wrong site.

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