Would It Improve Your Life If You Get Your Degree Online?

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Would It Improve Your Life If You Get Your Degree Online?

Based on the report released by the Sloan Consortium, 3.2 million students took up an online degree last 2006. This number escalated to 3.9 million the following year. In 2008, the rate of students taking up at least one online course increased by 12% and in 2009, there were already 5.6 million students in the United Students who are enrolled in at least one online course. The following year, 2010, the number went up again to over 6 million.

The Sloan Consortium is an organization, which advocacy leans towards the growth and progress of online universities. The organization monitors statistics and percentages related to the increase and decline of online university students based on surveys conducted in 2,500 universities in the US.

The increase in the population of online university attendees is an impressive figure to ponder that distance learning continues to gather larger crowds bringing the industry to the mainstream. Why should you get your degree online n the first place? Is the rising patronage enough to entrust your future to web-based education?

At first, only the students seemed to appreciate the great benefits that online universities provided. Employers and traditional universities felt ill at ease with distance learning way back when computers and the Internet were staggering toward domination. Over time, many people have finally come to realize the value of distance learning. But students needed protection and value for their money so online universities went under accreditation process to ensure students that they are giving the highest quality of education possible.

Get Your Degree Online And Get A Good Job

There are many reasons why you should get your degree online. Leading the list is definite job placement in bigger companies that offer career improvement and continuous salary upgrades. Online universities would not promise such without basis. Employers nowadays are unbiased when it comes to admitting titled candidates as proven in many testimonials found on the Internet. University professors, too, can attest to this surprising but not sudden change of heart.

Meanwhile, employment security is not most students’ sole motivation. You can also get your degree online as personal achievement. Not many people have the privilege to finish college in either traditional or online universities. The prestige that comes with the degree is enough to increase your market value. This will also add color to your credentials in case you decide to shift career or apply in more profound line of work where experts are needed.

Students who are keen on finishing their rebuffed college education can trust that equality is now practiced in the employment world. So if you get your degree online, you can trust that opportunities knocking on the doors of traditional university graduates would knock on yours too. There are some details though that you not miss when if you are planning to get your degree online, such as:

  • Accreditation
  • Credit transferability
  • Cost of credit per hour, per semester, and per course

These top three things should be a major consideration when looking at online college degree completion. For one, although regional and national accreditation have only few dissimilarities, the type may create an impact when applying for a job. Regional accreditation has more weight because aside from CHED (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and DETC (Distance Education and Training Council), there are several accreditation bodies that examine the school before it can pass the standards. It is not a must but it is significant.

Budget can be a concern and this affects your choice of online school big time. Normally, nationally accredited online colleges offer lower tuition costs than regionally accredited ones. If you are willing to sacrifice your future to save money, you are free to pick those low-end online universities.

On the other hand, online college expenses should no longer be an issue. You can get your degree online in a high-end school and save after all because there are various payment options. Most students prefer to pay the curse in full because it allows them to leave their studies for a while and get back without incurring extra charges, which usually happens in traditional universities.

You choose. Get your degree online and start moving or remain an undergraduate and let good opportunities pass you by. It is just a piece of paper and it is just two to four years of studies. You will be a degree holder before you know it.

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